NO claims to file NO waiting periods NO age restrictions for plan participation NO deductibles or calendar year maximums Save on preventative, restorative, and major dental care 30% Priority Dental Plan savings on fees not listed on Summary of Discounts

Annual Cost

Annual Cost

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Examples of Savings

Procedure UCR Fee* Member Pays Savings
Office Visit $76.00 $5.00 $71.00
Comprehensive Exam $87.00 NO CHARGE $87.00
Full Mouth X-Rays $130.00 NO CHARGE $130.00
Prophylaxis – Adult $90.00 $69.00 $21.00
Prophylaxis – Child $67.00 $45.00 $22.00
Composite Filling
(2 surface, posterior)
$230.00 $169.00 $61.00
Crown $1,125.00 $850.00 $275.00